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District #1 -

President: Christine Ledoux - Garcia (2797)
Secretary: Phyllis Stone (2461)
Treasurer: Nancy Johnson (2797)
Deputy Chief: Rita Roseman (501)

District #2 -

President: Luella Wright (7305)
Secretary: Rita Kindall (3641)
Treasurer: Pam Tjosvold (5812)
Deputy Chief: Linda Reinpold (5812)

District #3 -

President: Sharon Stetson (1771)
Secretary: Pam Park (2121)
Treasurer: Ann Mauck (2601)
Deputy Chief: Ann Mauck (2601)

District #4 -

President: Betty Herman (2551)
Secretary: Penny Hanson (2551)
Treasurer: Jo Ann DeSamber (2551)
Deputy Chief: Norma Timmerman(3541)

District #5 -

President: Rena Cales (6461)
Secretary: Barbara Kidd (3917)
Treasurer: Donna Watkins (3917)
Deputy Chief: Eileen Vegoren (3917)

District #6 -

President: Pam Valdez (2411)
Secretary: Karen Prather (2411)
Treasurer: Kathleen Tomlin (2411)
Deputy Chief: Beulah Collins (4001)

District #7 -

President: Irene Knecht (4849)
Secretary: Rosalyn Mitchell (8121)
Treasurer: Peggy Haley (3228)
Deputy Chief: Rosalyn Mitchell (8121)

District #8 -

President: Virginia Marlin (8661)
Secretary: JoAnne Jacobs (1166)
Treasurer: Jody Barker (8661)
Deputy Chief: Sharon Swett(859)

District #9 -

President: Sandra Mansfield (4265)
Sec/Treas Jeanne Wixson (4265)
Deputy Chief: Edie Eggers (4265)

District #10 -

President: Judy McNeely (9644)
Secretary: Shelly Schlieman (7945)
Treasurer: Arline Dolan (7945)
Deputy Chief: Cindy Anderson (4331)

District #11 -

President: Wilma Kroschel(784)
Secretary: Sandy Baker (3571)
Treasurer: Dianne Harris(4663)
Deputy Chief: Peggy Vanderberg (4663)

District #12 -

President: Corena Hampton (5231)
Sec/Treas Dorothea Child (4031)
Deputy Chief: Ellen Barz(5231)

District #13 -

President: Betsy Evans (3411)
Sec/Treas Joyce Riley (6612)
Deputy Chief: Luanna Naugle (3411)

VFW Dept of Colo HQ
1400 Carr St., Lakewood, Colorado 80214-6102
Telephone (303)421-1630. Fax (303)421-1727.
hours 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon - Fri
Department e-mail address

VFW State Veterans Service Office
155 Van Gordon St., Room 360, Denver, Colorado 80228
Telephone is (303)914-5595
Service Office e-mail address